The Sex Change Capital Turns a New Leaf

I asked someone this weekend, "What is it like, really like, living in Florida? You know, tell me about the bugs, heat, and day-to-day life." I've heard about the monster bugs. I've even seen the threatening pictures, but seriously, how prevalent are they and how do you deal with them? I want the meat and … Continue reading The Sex Change Capital Turns a New Leaf


The Encyclopedia That Forgot Medelian Genetics

"Oh! Are you learning Mendelivian Genetics?" my husband asked my children who were drilling us incessantly about every family member's hair and eye color. The obvious grey color that most of their grandparents suffer from was not what they were looking for. And when they discovered that Pappa had brownish red hair before his silver … Continue reading The Encyclopedia That Forgot Medelian Genetics

Happily LinkedIn: Choose Your Influence

Stuck in my little world of Facebook with my high school "friends", community acquaintances, and family (extended, distended, in-lawed and out-lawed), I was very much adverse to creating much of a network or presence on LinkedIn. I did not need two platforms filled with personal agendas, sales pitches, perfect pictures of imperfect families, and the political deluge people call having an opinion. Having avoided it successfully for years, I finally branched out with the purpose of building an audience for this blog. Yes, I freely admit it.

Exercise and Healthy Eating Aren’t Enough: Just Ask the Angry Drill Sergeant

My brain was like the most determined, angry drill sergeant ever. I met with some resistance in the form of 387409136450987 germs my children brought home from school; and of course, all of them took up residence in me. So I rediscovered myself and tried to get healthy, fit and thin from my couch for most of the year. Trust me, that was not a winning combination.