The Encyclopedia That Forgot Medelian Genetics

Sunrise Branson“Oh! Are you learning Mendelivian Genetics?” my husband asked my children who were drilling us incessantly about every family member’s hair and eye color. The obvious grey color that most of their grandparents suffer from was not what they were looking for. And when they discovered that Pappa had brownish red hair before his silver state, they absolutely couldn’t believe it. They had a heated 5 minute conversation debating this possiblity.

“Mendelivian? That doesn’t sound right…” I sat there on the way to the bus stop trying to figure out why that sounded wrong.

After dropping the girls at the bus stop, I promptly pulled out my phone to prove my hubby wrong and hopefully make a fool out of him (I’m mean like that).

Now, I have to stop here and mention that my hubby almost has a degree in physics, used to be a total science nerd (until I fixed that), and prides himself on being a human encyclopedia of sorts. He’s not arrogant, and he doesn’t talk above anyone. In fact, he is one of the most interesting, sincere people to talk with (It’s super annoying. SMART and CHARMING. He’s like the freaking belle of the ball).

You know those people who know a little (or WAY TOO MUCH) about like everything? He’s that guy. My number one question to him is, “HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?”

His answer, “I must have picked it up somewhere.” That is so infuriating for us mere mortals. The only thing I pick up is gum on the bottom of my shoe or the crack in the sidewalk that sends me flying.

So anyway, the fact that he forgot Gregor Mendel’s name kind of hit the poor guy hard. I spent the remainder of the drive trying to make him feel better (damn male ego).

I decided to take the path of how smart his brain is (brilliant, I know). “You didn’t forget as much as your brain rewired and let go of the information that isn’t serving you!” Best spin on forgetfulness ever.

But seriously, that is what our brain’s do. We memorize like crazy people in school and college taking in information like an emphysema patient on oxygen; and then five years later most of it sifts away, because our brains identify what we are using the most and focuses on that. We are masters of efficiency, and that’s why directed motivation works so well. Give your brain clear direction, and it will go through every program, fact, and useless memory taking up valuable real estate.

Since Mel’s goals aren’t to study genetics, I won’t call him senile…yet.



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